Waterton Lakes National Park is a hidden gem located in the southwestern corner of Alberta. Bordering Glacier National Park to the south, Waterton is surrounded by the Rockies and the Alberta prairies offering a stunning range of scenery and unparalleled hiking and wildlife viewing opportunities. With incredible backcountry winter activities, cross-country and snowshoeing trails and some of the best snow in Alberta, Waterton Lakes National Park is the perfect year-round escape for any outdoor enthusiast.

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The townsite is situated on the edge of Upper Waterton Lake and features an array of restaurants, cafes, shops and beaches. In the summer, Waterton offers visitors full services, but in the winter months, the town becomes a serene and tranquil escape with only one hotel and restaurant remaining open. Because of the locale of the townsite, internet and cell phone reception can be intermittent. Telus and Bell are the only carriers with reception in the townsite and it is recommended that you bring an internet stick from either of these providers if you need to stay connected.

For year-round adventures, romantic getaways or family vacations, Waterton offers something for everyone in one of the most beautiful places in Canada.

Please note that Waterton is a remote location and cell phone reception is only available through Telus and Bell. Internet is only available through satellite which is intermittent. For guaranteed internet, please bring an internet stick from Bell or Telus.

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Waterton Parks Inn & Resorts present an adventure in your own backyard with the Triple Crown of Waterton.

We challenge you to complete three world class hiking trails; Crypt Lake, Akamina Ridge and the Alderson-Carthew Summit in one summer.

Sign up at Pearls Café located in the Waterton Townsite. Make sure you snap a photo of yourself at the summit of each hike. Once you have completed the Triple Crown challenge, be sure to fill out our Waterton hike review and include the pictures of you summiting each hike and you will receive a spot on our Glory Board, and to commemorate your awesome achievement, Triple Crown T-shirts are available at Pearls Cafe for $15.00.

Challengers also have the option of purchasing packages at the Aspen Village Inn for a bed and hot shower in between hikes.

Guided hikes are available.

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Distance: 17.2 km / 10.7 mi (return)
Time: 6 - 8 hours (plan a full day)
Elevation Gain: 700 m / 2297'

An awe-inspiring full day hike involving a boat taxi across Waterton Lake, and a gradual climb of over 2300 feet. Experience a 600 foot cascading waterfall, natural tunnel and cliff traverse. As you reach your destination, you'll be rewarded by the turquoise waters of sparkling Crypt Lake, and maybe even catch a glimpse of an elusive white mountain goat, or the rare alpine pygmy poppy!

A picture of a group hicking down to Crypt Lake


Distance: 18.0 km / 11.1 miles
(one-way, transportation needed to or from trailhead)
Time: 6 - 8 hours
Elevation Gain: 650 m / 2132'

This trail winds through the montane, sub-alpine, and alpine zones! From Carthew Summit look east over the peaks to the prairies, and south into Glacier National Park, Montana.

Highlights include a misty walk through one of Waterton Park's oldest forests, and the pyramidal grandeur of Mt. Alderson. You can take the hike from Cameron Falls in the Townsite to Cameron Lake, or from Cameron Lake to the Falls.

A picture of a group hicking Alderson - Carthew


Distance: 20 km (roundtrip)
Time: 9-10 hours (plan a full day)
Elevation Gain: 1300 m (4,270 ft)

Akamina Ridge follows the BC-AB boundary cutline, turning left at the boundary marker, up Forum Ridge. The trip starts and ends in Alberta, but the finest portion crosses into British Columbia. The ridge looks relatively flat when viewed from Wall Lake but it is deceptively unflat, with 3 pretty good bumps along its crest. Forum Peak, at the upper right corner of the rock wall at the end of Cameron Lake is the easterly end of the ridge.

A picture of Akamina Ridge

CHIEF MOUNTAIN CONNECTOR (Daily shuttle to USA/Canada border)

This shuttle assists hikers/visitors who are returning or coming into Waterton via the Chief Mountain Border. It also works as a connection with transportation into Montana. There are varied options on the other side of the border to continue into the US.

For more information please see the Chief Mountain Connector.pdf or call 1-403-859-2378 to make a reservation.

CAMERON EXPRESS (One-way Daily shuttle)

This shuttle is most commonly used for hikers to access the Carthew- Alderson Trail, a one-way hike beginning at Cameron Lake and ending in the Waterton village.

It is also a good way to access Akamina-Kishinena to bike the Wall Lake trail before cycling down the Akamina Parkway back to the village.

Reservations are required for hikers and especially mountain bikers. We have a maximum capacity of six bikes.

For more information please see the Cameron Express.pdf or call 1-403-859-2378 to make a reservation.

TAMARACK TRAIL TRAVELLER (Shuttle for Tamarack Trail Hikers)

The Tamarack trail is an overnight multi-day hike that travels to many alpine lakes in the Blakiston and Akamina valleys.

Runs from June to October, weather and trail condition depending. Bookings before or after these dates please contact us.

For more information please see the Tamarack Trail Traveller.pdf or call 1-403-859-2378 to make a reservation.


All custom inquiries are based on available shuttles and availability of drivers.

For more information please see the Custom Shuttles.pdf or call 1-403-859-2378 to make a reservation.